Sally Collyer has been the official PR person for the Tangent since 2009. A lifelong lover of Progressive and Jazz Fusion musics, she's guided the band through tough times and successful tours that she's just MADE HAPPEN. She's a well known and active participant in the world of Social networking where she has championed the band as well as the band's competitors in a fair and unbiased manner. She is instrumental in the running of the band, this website and a whole host of other areas from getting inebriated proggers through international airports to magicking meals after midnight in Belgium. Sally is first response to all queries, donation offers and requests for performances, interviews and information about The Tangent.

The Tangent have a lively and friendly discussion group on Facebook. This is the first stop for news and offers. We try to keep it "spam free" and all members have asked to join. There are NO official "Like" Buttons or "Like Us" pages for The Tangent.
Twitter is kind of "new to us". You can follow the band at #thetangentmusic - maybe even help us get established there!
You can contact us directly via email, Please use this option for ALL official business, bookings, (including "House Concerts" by Andy and others - these are available from Autumn 2014) press kits and any problems with our shop or website. We usually answer within the day.















































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